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Property Protection



NSA offers every type of protection for private property, commercial and public facilities. Customized guarding and security solutions are offered.

Services for property protection.

  • •    Alarm system activation

  • •    Consulting for alarm installation

  • •    Entrance monitoring for businesses frequented by the public

  • •    House sitting: looking after vacant private homes to create the impression the house is lived in

  • •    Control and monitoring by security personnel

  • •    Facilitating personnel movements/ movements of persons  in sensitive areas (e.g. hospitals)

  • •    Personal security on demand

  • •    Doorman service

  • •    Security at construction sites

  • •    Security for vacant facilities

  • •    Security after damages

  • •    Security in shopping malls during and after opening hours

  • •    Security for public transportation and stations

  • •    Surveillance by security personnel at specific irregular intervals

  • •    Factory security



Surveillance of Health and Care facilities:

Our Mission.

  • bew_klinik

    • •    Planned presence and de-escalation management

    • •     Protection and support of nurses handling aggressive patients during medical activities

    • •     Professional handling of mentally ill and drug-addicted patients

    • •     Detailed operation report for traceability of measures taken

    • •     Fire protection agendas

    Employed Staff.

    Security services are strictly regulated by Austrian law and treated as an extremely sensitive field of activity. We at NSA take great responsibility in the selection of our staff and train them at highest levels. A competent appearance/ an appropriate manner ????, and special training for dealing with mentally ill persons ensures reliable operational capability of our staff on site.





Event Protection



NSA provides protection for events of all kinds. The main task here is to compile documentation of all necessary requirements of the event. Every event is made more secure with strategic preparation, as potential weak points and conflicts are recognized and can thus be eliminated in advance.

Operative Planning.

Individualized planning includes the selection of the event location, inspection of the site, securing travel to and from the site, screening by security personnel, locating electronic devices, analyzing potential problems such as crowd behaviour, inspecting the grounds, controlling admissions, security forces, and if desired, providing food service personnel.

Employed Staff.

Our NSA professionals in this field undertake the task of access control, guarding the area, personnel safety, parking lot security and can act as stewards and control fenced-off areas. Event protection can be provided optionally in uniform or plain clothes, armed or with trained guard dogs.




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